Java J2ee Struts Hibernate Spring Interview Questions Java J2ee Struts Hibernate Spring Interview Questions

1. Where does the user request will be re-directed after the j_security_check servlet has finshed ?

See, if you have accessed a protected page say xxx.jsp, then j_security_check came in to action and ask the user his userid and password by displaying login page. If user is successfully authenticated, xxx.jsp will be served otherwise the default login-error page which is mentioned in web.xml will be displayed.

2. How do you know the user_name and password once the j_security_check is successful ?

Once the user is successfully authenticated and authorized, the j_security_check servlet will store the user data in side the request object.
The user name will be obtained by request.getRemoteUser() method.
request.isUserInRole("ADMIN"); method can be used whether the user is in a particular role or not.
Other methods useful are : request.getUserPrincipal(); request.getAuthType();

3. what?s the difference between Authentication and authorization?

4. what are different Authentication Options available in servlets?

5. How do we practically implement form based authentication?

Java J2ee Struts Hibernate Spring Interview Questions
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