Java J2ee Struts Hibernate Spring Interview Questions Java J2ee Struts Hibernate Spring Interview Questions
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1. What is Flex ?

Its is an Framework or tool Used for developing RIA.

2. What kind of applications you can create from Flex ?

Web Application

3. What is the output of Flex applications ?

Swf -> shock wave file/object.

4. What development environment you need to create Flex applications ?

Adobe Flex Builder / flashplayer 9

5. Can you manipulate images using Flex programs ?


6. Does Flex support creating workflow based applications ?


7. What kind of data grids you can create through Flex applications ?

Datagrid, Advanced Datagrid, OLAP Datagrid

8. How do you connect to a database via a Flex program ?

Using any server side Languages such as ASP, DotNet, JSP, PHP etc..

9. What third party development tools are available to program in Flex ?

There are different third party development tools available for flex. They are following.

1. Flex Builder: an IDE for flex application development.  Its based on Eclipse.

2. Flash Developer: It is an IDE that supports flex as well as Flash, AS2, AS3 and AIR development. It is very fast. The only one drawback is it doesn't support other platform except windows.

3. FDT: It comes to serious ActionScript development, especially with its code completion, documentation support and very much missing feature in Flash Builder code formatting.

4. IntelliJ IDEA 8.0: In Java word IntelliJ is seen by many to be the best of all IDE?s so I expect their Flex plugin can become very important player in our environment.

5. Aptana: It lets you edit, build and debug JavaScript/HTML based AIR applications.

6. Tofino: It is a free microsoft visual studio plugin. It is still under active development but there are some builds already available to download and start coding. I?m hoping to see with this one more and more .NET developers attracted by our great Flash Platform. With great .NET server side capabilities and real cross platform UI with Flex I believe it will rock!.

7. Amethyst Personal Edition: It is another Visual Studio plugin.

8. FlexBean: It is a NetBeans plugin.

9. AXDT: It is a set of plug-ins for the Eclipse platform that enable you to write ActionScript3 code in an integrated environment. AXDT is based on Eclipse Imp and utilizes the opensource FlexSDK.

10. Can you develop web based applications in Flex ?


Java J2ee Struts Hibernate Spring Interview Questions
14 Results; Time:0.031 Sec; Page : 1 ; Results From 1 to 10. Results Per Page
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