1. What are the differences between sleep() and wait() methods in multi threading ?
  2. Can you tell the other names for Marker Interface ?
  3. Can you give few examples for Marker Interfaces ?
  4. What is a Socket ?
  5. What is a self-executable jar ?
  6. How can you create a self executable jar ?
  7. How do you implement synchronization ?
  8. Synchronization will be done on what ?
  9. If all the threads in a Servlet are hanged. How do you come-out or debug from this situation ?
  10. Consider 2 tables 8th standard students and 9th standard students. Can you write a query to find the students having the same name in both classes ?
  11. Can you write a query to find the students having the name in only 8 but not in 9 th.
  12. What is the default size of Vector, ArrayList, Hashtable, HashMap, and HashSet in Java?
  13. What is phantom memory and how it is useful ?
  14. Can we use final keyword before constructor ?
  15. How many JVM's could be run on an operating system? If only one then what is the logical reason ?
  16. How are memory leaks possible in Java ?
  17. What do you know about Struts Token Feature ?
  18. How many ways we can create object ?
  19. How can we tell that Hashtable is Synchronized ?
  20. What is the main disadvantage of threads ?
  21. What is the Difference between Design Pattern and Architecture ?
  22. How many ways do we have to load a class ?
  23. How can you create PDF Files in java ?
  24. What is a green thread ?
  25. What is a memory footprint?
  26. Why do we have only one ActionServlet in Struts ?
  27. What are the different types of JDBC Drivers?
  28. Give an example of Polymorphism ?
  29. What is the difference between AWT and Swing ?
  30. What are the Isolation levels in JDBC transaction ?
  31. How do you store image files into a database and retrieve the same from the server and display in a jsp page ?
  32. What is a RuntimeError in Java ?
  33. What is Java Virtual Machine and what are its uses ?
  34. What is a factory method ?
  35. How do you implement DynaValidatorForm in Struts ?
  36. What is the difference between abstraction, encapsulation and data hiding ?
  37. What is the capacity of the session object ? What is the maximum amount of data that you could store inside a session ?
  38. How do you implement the Connection Pooling in Java?
  39. How do you configure DataSource in Struts ? How do you implement Connection Poooling in Struts ?
  40. What are the advantages of EJB ?
  41. What is an EJB ?
  42. How do you implement logging in Servlets ?
  43. What is Hibernate ?
  44. What is the default session timeout for web applications ?
  45. What is a persistent cookie ?
  46. Can you explain about static polymorphism in java ?
  47. What is Spring Framework ?
  48. What is a plug-in ?
  49. Can an ActionForm be used by two different Action classes ?
  50. Can a single ActionClass be used by two different actions ?
  51. Can you explain about Struts Control Flow ?
  52. What is the purpose of <load-on-startup> tag in web.xml ?
  53. How to use a servlet as your main web page, instead of redirecting to a servlet from your index.jsp page
  54. What is the maximum length of a java class file name ?
  55. What are Checked and UnChecked Exceptions ?
  56. What will happen if I do not provide the String array as the argument to the main method ?
  57. What if I write static public void instead of public static void ?
  58. What are the similarities and differences between Struts Framework and Spring Framework ?
  59. What is a memory footprint? How can you specify the lower and upper limits of the RAM used by the JVM ? What happens when the JVM needs more memory ?
  60. How do you copy one object from another object in java ?
  61. What are the types of EJB ?
  62. What are the differences between Primary Key and Foreign Key ?
  63. Can you explain about database normalization ?
  64. How do you handle the session time-outs ? How will you inform to the user that a session has expired assume that you have set the time out to 2 mins in web.xml ?
  65. What happens if you don't put return statement before mapping.findForward("success"); in side your Action Class ? What type of Exception will be thrown ?
  66. How many methods are there in the Serializable interface ?
  67. Where does the user request will be re-directed after the j_security_check servlet has finshed ?
  68. How do you know the user_name and password once the j_security_check is successful ?
  69. How many methods are there in the Externalizable interface ?
  70. What is dependency injection in spring ?
  71. Why threads block or enters to waiting state on I/O?
  72. What are differences between static and transient variables in java?
  73. How Observer and Observable are used?
  74. What is synchronization
  75. What is List interface ?
  76. What is a Vector
  77. What is the difference between yield() and sleep() ?
  78. What are Wrapper Classes available in Java ?
  79. How many number of non-public class definitions can a source file have ?
  80. What types of values does boolean variables take
  81. Which primitive datatypes are signed
  82. What is the default value of boolean
  83. Why the main method is declared as static ?
  84. What is the difference between class variable, member variable and automatic(local) variable
  85. Is char type signed or unsigned
  86. When are static and non static variables of the class initialized
  87. What forms an integral literal can be
  88. When are automatic variable initialized
  89. How is an argument passed in java, by copy or by reference
  90. What is garbage collection
  91. Does System.gc and Runtime.gc() guarantee garbage collection
  92. What is a modulo operator %
  93. Can shift operators be applied to float types.
  94. What are the rules for overriding
  95. When does the compiler insist that the class must be abstract
  96. How does bitwise (~) operator work
  97. What happens to the bits that fall off after shifting
  98. What values of the bits are shifted in after the shift
  99. What are access modifiers
  100. Can protected or friendly features be accessed from different packages
  101. How can you access protected features from another package
  102. Explain modifier final
  103. Can you change the reference of the final object
  104. Can abstract modifier be applied to a variable
  105. Can abstract class be instantiated
  106. How is abstract class different from final class
  107. Where can static modifiers be used
  108. When are the static variables loaded into the memory
  109. When are the non static variables loaded into the memory
  110. Can static method use non static features of there class
  111. Where is native modifier used
  112. What are transient variables
  113. What is the difference between while and do while loop
  114. When do you use continue and when do you use break statements
  115. What is the base class from which all exceptions are subclasses
  116. How do you intercept and thereby control exceptions
  117. When do we say an exception is handled
  118. When do we say an exception is not handled
  119. In what sequence does the finally block gets executed
  120. What can prevent the execution of the code in finally block
  121. What are the rules for catching multiple exceptions
  122. What is the best order in which a JDBC driver can be choosen?
  123. What is the difference between getting a connection from DataSource and DriverManger?
  124. Explain about different Transactional Attributes in EJB
  125. How can you reference to static variables ?
  126. What is the use of synchronized modifier ?
  127. What are volatile variables
  128. What's the difference between constructors and other methods
  129. What is the difference between Overloading and Overriding
  130. What do you understand by late binding or virtual method Invocation.
  131. Can overriding methods have different return types
  132. If the method to be overridden has access type protected, can subclass have the access type as private
  133. Can constructors be overloaded
  134. What happens when a constructor of the subclass is called
  135. If you use super() or this() in a constructor where should it appear in the constructor
  136. What is the difference between Thread and a Process
  137. Where does java thread support reside
  138. What happens when you call the start() method of the thread
  139. Does calling start () method of the thread causes it to run
  140. When the thread gets to execute, what does it execute
  141. How many methods are declared in the interface runnable
  142. Which way would you prefer to implement threading , by extending Thread class or implementing Runnable interface
  143. What happens when the run() method returns
  144. What are the different states of the thread
  145. What is Thread priority
  146. What is the range of Thread priority integer
  147. What is the default priority of the thread
  148. What happens when you call Thread.yield()
  149. What is the advantage of yielding
  150. What happens when you call Thread.sleep()
  151. Does the thread method start executing as soon as the sleep time is over
  152. What do you mean by thread blocking
  153. What threading related methods are there in object class
  154. What is preemptive scheduling
  155. What is non-preemptive or Time sliced or round robin scheduling
  156. What are the two ways of synchronizing the code
  157. What happens when the wait() method is called
  158. What happens when the notify() method is called
  159. Using notify () method how you can specify which thread should be notified
  160. What is the ultimate ancestor of all java classes
  161. What are important methods of Object class
  162. What is the difference between == operator and equals() method in Java ?
  163. What would you use to compare two String variables - the operator == or the method equals()?
  164. Give example of a final class
  165. What is the difference between String and StringBuffer
  166. What will be the result if you compare StringBuffer with String if both have same values
  167. What is Collection API
  168. What are different types of collections
  169. Tell me something about Arrays
  170. Difference between ArrayList and Vector
  171. What is the Difference between Fail Fast Iterator and Fail Safe Iterator ?
  172. Difference between Hashtable and HashMap
  173. How could Java classes direct program messages to the system console, but error messages, say to a file?
  174. What is the difference in using request.getRequestDispatcher() and context.getRequestDispatcher() ?
  175. Why would you use a synchronized block vs. synchronized method?
  176. Explain the usage of the keyword transient?
  177. How can you force garbage collection?
  178. How do you know if an explicit object casting is needed?
  179. What is the difference between ServletContext and PageContext ?
  180. Can you write a Java class that could be used both as an applet as well as an application?
  181. Can constructors be parameterized ?
  182. Can you call one constructor from another if a class has multiple constructors
  183. Explain the usage of Java packages.
  184. If a class is located in a package, what do you need to change in the OS environment to be able to use it?
  185. What’s the difference between J2SDK 1.5 and J2SDK 5.0?
  186. What would you use to compare two String variables - the operator == or the method equals()?
  187. Does it matter in what order catch statements for FileNotFoundException and
  188. Can an inner class declared inside of a method access local variables of this method?
  189. What can go wrong if you replace && with & in the following code: String a=null; if (a!=null && a.length()>10) {…}
  190. What’s the main difference between a Vector and an ArrayList
  191. When should the method invokeLater()be used?
  192. How can a subclass call a method or a constructor defined in a superclass?
  193. What’s the difference between a queue and a stack?
  194. You can create an abstract class that contains only abstract methods. On the other hand, you can create an interface that declares the same methods. So can you use abstract classes instead of interfaces?
  195. What comes to mind when you hear about a young generation in Java?
  196. What comes to mind when someone mentions a shallow copy in Java?
  197. If you’re overriding the method equals() of an object, which other method you might also consider?
  198. You are planning to do an indexed search in a list of objects. Which of the two Java collections should you use:ArrayList or LinkedList?
  199. Can you explain about Collection hierarchy ?
  200. How can you minimize the need of garbage collection and make the memory use more effective?
  201. There are two classes: A and B. The class B need to inform a class A when some important event has happened. What Java technique would you use to implement it?
  202. What access level do you need to specify in the class declaration to ensure that only classes from the same directory can access it?
  203. Can there be an abstract class with no abstract methods in it?
  204. Can an Interface be final?
  205. Can an Interface have an inner class?
  206. Can we define private and protected modifiers for variables in interfaces?
  207. What is Externalizable?
  208. What modifiers are allowed for methods in an Interface?
  209. What are the different identifier states of a Thread?
  210. What are some alternatives to inheritance?
  211. Why isn’t there operator overloading?
  212. What does it mean that a method or field is static?
  213. How do I convert a numeric IP address like into a hostname like
  214. Difference between JRE/JVM/JDK?
  215. What is synchronization and why is it important?
  216. Why do threads block on I/O ?
  217. Is null a keyword?
  218. Which characters may be used as the second character of an identifier,but not as the first character of an identifier?
  219. What modifiers may be used with an inner class that is a member of an outer class?
  220. How many bits are used to represent Unicode, ASCII, UTF-16, and UTF-8 characters?
  221. What are wrapped classes?
  222. What restrictions are placed on the location of a package statement within a source code file?
  223. What is the difference between preemptive scheduling and time slicing?
  224. What is a native method?
  225. What are order of precedence and associativity, and how are they used?
  226. What is the catch or declare rule for method declarations?
  227. Can an anonymous class be declared as implementing an interface and extending a class?
  228. What is the range of the char type?
  229. Why variables in an interface is by default final ?
  230. how to define constant variables without using final key word
  231. Can i write destroy() method in service() method of the Servlet ?
  232. How can I get total number of record from resultSet before executing while loop?
  233. Name the containers which uses Border Layout as their default layout?
  234. Is Iterator a Class or Interface? What is its use?
  235. What are the similarities and differences between an Abstract class and Interface?
  236. How to define an Abstract class?
  237. How to define an Interface?
  238. What are Access Specifiers available in Java?
  239. Explain garbage collection?
  240. How you can force the garbage collection?
  241. What is OOPS?
  242. Describe the principles of OOPS.
  243. Explain the Encapsulation principle.
  244. Explain the Inheritance principle.
  245. Explain the Polymorphism principle.
  246. Explain the different forms of Polymorphism.
  247. What is the difference between the instanceof and getclass, these two are same or not ?
  248. Can we call finalize() method ?
  249. What is the initial state of a thread when it is created and started?
  250. What are the differences between boolean & operator and & operator
  251. What is the use of the finally block?
  252. What if the main method is declared as private?
  253. What s the difference between pass by value and pass by reference in Java?
  254. If you’re overriding the method equals() of an object, which other method you might also consider?
  255. Is it necessary to implement toString() method of Object Class ?
  256. What is Byte Code? Or What gives java it’s “write once and run anywhere” nature?
  257. Expain each keyword of public static void main(String args[])?
  258. Why we are writing in main method args[] type as String only ? why not int or some other ?
  259. What if I do not provide the String array as the argument to the method?
  260. What if the static modifier is removed from the signature of the main method?
  261. What is the difference between final, finally and finalize? What do you understand by the java final keyword?
  262. Why oracle Type 4 driver is named as oracle thin driver?
  263. What is the GregorianCalendar class?
  264. What is the ResourceBundle class?
  265. How to convert String to Number in java program?
  266. Why there are no global variables in Java?
  267. What is the SimpleTimeZone class?
  268. What is the difference between a while statement and a do statement?
  269. What is the Locale class?
  270. What is implicit casting?
  271. Is sizeof a keyword in java?
  272. In System.out.println(), what is System, out and println?
  273. Which class is the superclass of every class?
  274. What if I write static public void instead of public static void?
  275. How does Java handle integer overflows and underflows?
  276. What are the principle concepts of OOPS?
  277. What is Abstraction?
  278. What is Encapsulation?
  279. What is the difference between abstraction and encapsulation in Java ?
  280. What is Inheritance?
  281. What is Polymorphism?
  282. How does Java implement polymorphism?
  283. Explain the different forms of Polymorphism.
  284. What is runtime polymorphism or dynamic method dispatch?
  285. What is Dynamic Binding?
  286. What is Static Polymorphism in Java ?
  287. What is method overloading?
  288. What is method overriding?
  289. What are the differences between method overloading and method overriding?
  290. Can overloaded methods be override too?
  291. Is it possible to override the main method?
  292. How to invoke a superclass version of an Overridden method?
  293. What is super keyword in java?
  294. How do you prevent a method from being overridden?
  295. What is an Interface?
  296. Can we instantiate an interface?
  297. Can we create an object for an interface?
  298. You can create a reference to an interface but you can not create an Object for an interface. Why ?
  299. Do interfaces have member variables?
  300. What modifiers are allowed for methods in an Interface?
  301. What is a marker interface?
  302. What is an abstract class?
  303. Can we instantiate an abstract class?
  304. When should I use abstract classes and when should I use interfaces?
  305. When you declare a method as abstract, can other nonabstract methods access it?
  306. Can there be an abstract class with no abstract methods in it?
  307. What is Constructor?
  308. How does the Java default constructor be provided?
  309. Can constructor be inherited?
  310. How are this() and super() used with constructors?
  311. What is a Media Query in CSS?
  312. If you create an index on tables, search will be faster, but how, Can you explain ?
  313. What are Access Specifiers available in Java?
  314. What is final modifier?
  315. What are the uses of final method?
  316. What is static block?
  317. What are static variables?
  318. What is the difference between static and non-static variables?
  319. What are static methods?
  320. What is difference between String and StringTokenizer?
  321. What is phantom memory?
  322. What is a Phontom ? Phontom read, memory etc
  323. Can a method be static and synchronized?
  324. Does JVM maintain a cache by itself? Does the JVM allocate objects in heap? Is this the OS heap or the heap maintained by the JVM? Why
  325. What is reflection API? How are they implemented?
  326. What is data encapsulation?
  327. How can I swap two variables without using a third variable?
  328. What is the difference between variable declaration and definition ?
  329. What do you understand by a variable?
  330. What do you understand by numeric promotion?
  331. How can one prove that the array is not null but empty?
  332. Can an application have multiple classes having main method?
  333. When is static variable loaded ? Is it at compile time or runtime? When exactly a static block is loaded in Java ?
  334. Explain working of Java Virtual Machine (JVM)?
  335. What type of parameter passing does Java support?
  336. What is the benefit of encapsulation ?
  337. Can I have multiple main methods in the same class ?
  338. What is IOC (or Dependency Injection)?
  339. What are the common implementations of the Application Context ?
  340. How is a typical spring implementation look like ?
  341. What is the typical Bean life cycle in Spring Bean Factory Container ?
  342. What do you mean by Bean wiring ?
  343. What do you mean by Auto Wiring?
  344. What is DelegatingVariableResolver?
  345. How to integrate Java Server Faces (JSF) with Spring?
  346. What is Java Server Faces (JSF) - Spring integration mechanism?
  347. What is Significance of JSF- Spring integration ?
  348. How to integrate your Struts application with Spring?
  349. What are the types of the transaction management Spring supports ?
  350. What are the benefits of the Spring Framework transaction management ?
  351. Why most users of the Spring Framework choose declarative transaction management ?
  352. Explain the similarities and differences between EJB CMT and the Spring Framework's declarative transaction management ?
  353. When to use programmatic and declarative transaction management ?
  354. Explain about the Spring DAO support ?
  355. What are the exceptions thrown by the Spring DAO classes ?
  356. What is SQLExceptionTranslator ?
  357. What are the different types of IOC (dependency injection) ?
  358. What are the benefits of IOC (Dependency Injection)?
  359. What is Spring ?
  360. What are the advantages of Spring framework?
  361. What are features of Spring ?
  362. How many modules are there in Spring? What are they?
  363. What are the types of Dependency Injection Spring supports?
  364. What is Bean Factory ?
  365. What is Application Context?
  366. What is the difference between Bean Factory and Application Context ?
  367. What are ORM’s Spring supports ?
  368. What are the ways to access Hibernate using Spring ?
  369. How to integrate Spring and Hibernate using HibernateDaoSupport
  370. What is AOP?
  371. How the AOP used in Spring?
  372. What do you mean by Aspect ?
  373. What do you mean by JointPoint?
  374. What do you mean by Advice?
  375. What are the types of Advice?
  376. What is Spring's JdbcTemplate ?
  377. What is PreparedStatementCreator ?
  378. What is SQLProvider ?
  379. What is RowCallbackHandler ?
  380. What is the difference between Heap Memory and Stack Memory in Java ?
  381. How does a typical request-response life-cycle look like in Struts ?
  382. What are all those used for in struts-config.xml ?
  383. How to Create Object without using the keyword "new" in java?
  384. is goto keyword in java ?
  385. How many jsp include directives can be used inside a single JSP page ?
  386. How many jsp:include tags can be used inside a single JSP page ?
  387. What is the difference between static and dynamic include of JSPs ?
  388. At which situation you use static include and dynamic include in jsp ? Give an example.
  389. What are different types of inner classes ?
  390. Can I import same package or class twice ? Will the JVM load the package twice at runtime ?
  391. Do I need to import java.lang package any time ? Why ?
  392. What environment variables do I need to set on my machine in order to be able to run Java programs ?
  393. If I do not provide any arguments on the command line, then the String array of Main method will be empty of null ?
  394. What is the first argument of the String array in main method ?
  395. What is the difference between character array and string in java ?
  396. Is Hibernate a Tool Or a Framework ? What is the difference between Tool and Framework ?
  397. What are the differences between JSP and Servlet ?
  398. How can you prove that a JSP supports only HTTP Protocol ?
  399. How many times you have written Class.forName ("DriverName") in your Project ?
  400. Can we make a database connection from HTML ?
  401. I have 1000 records in result set, how to get first 100 records from result set, because result set fetch all 1000 records at a time ?
  402. How do you find the size of the resultset in JDBC ?
  403. Why Hibernate is more advantageous than EJB Entity Beans & JDBC?
  404. What is ORM ?
  405. What does ORM consists of ?
  406. What are the ORM levels ?
  407. Why do you need ORM tools like hibernate?
  408. What Does Hibernate Simplify?
  409. What is the purpose of Hibernate xml mapping file?
  410. What are the most common methods of Hibernate configuration?
  411. What are the important tags of hibernate.cfg.xml?
  412. What are the Core interfaces are of Hibernate framework?
  413. What role does the Session interface play in Hibernate?
  414. What role does the SessionFactory interface play in Hibernate?
  415. What is the general flow of Hibernate communication with RDBMS?
  416. What is Hibernate Query Language (HQL)?
  417. How do you map Java Objects with Database tables?
  418. What is the difference between Hibernate Session and HttpSession Objects ?
  419. What is the difference between and merge() and update() methods ?
  420. How do you define sequence generated primary key in hibernate?
  421. Define cascade and inverse option in one-many mapping ?
  422. What do you mean by Named SQL query in hibernate ?
  423. How do you invoke Stored Procedures from Hibernate?
  424. Explain Criteria API
  425. Define HibernateTemplate?
  426. What are the benefits does HibernateTemplate provide ?
  427. How do you switch between relational databases without code changes?
  428. If you want to see the Hibernate generated SQL statements on console, what should we do?
  429. What are derived properties?
  430. What is component mapping in Hibernate ?
  431. What is the difference between sorted and ordered collection in hibernate?
  432. What is the advantage of Hibernate over jdbc ?
  433. What are the Collection types in Hibernate ?
  434. What are the ways to express joins in HQL?
  435. What is the difference between hibernates save, update and saveOrUpdate methods ?
  436. What is Hibernate proxy?
  437. How can Hibernate be configured to access an instance variable directly and not through a setter method ?
  438. How can a whole class be mapped as immutable?
  439. What is the use of dynamic-insert and dynamic-update attributes in a class mapping?
  440. What do you mean by fetching strategy ?
  441. What is automatic dirty checking?
  442. What is transactional write-behind?
  443. What are Callback interfaces?
  444. What are the types of hibernate instance states or object states ?
  445. What are the types of inheritance models in Hibernate?
  446. What is the difference between id and class od a DIV element in CSS ? When to use id and when to use class ?
  447. I wrote a code <table width=800px> It comes accurate to in 15 inch monitor screen. But when I wrote same program in 17 inch monitor it comes half in the browser. So suggest me what the code I have to change so that it comes accurate in 15 inch computer as well as in 17 or 19 inch computer?
  448. Can you tell me the steps for how to create and execute and run the EJB simple stateless session application in websphere application server6.0 and Ide is RAD6.0
  449. What is meta-refresh tag ? How to use ?
  450. How do you reload a captcha with out refreshing the whole page ?
  451. In hibernate i am getting indefine filter parameter Error. Whether i do all the mapping hbm.xml file and set the parameter. parameter name is same but still getting same error. What is answer?
  452. What is the difference between JspWriter & PrintWriter ?
  453. What is a CAPTCHA ? What is the necessity for implementing a CAPTCHA in your application ?
  454. Is Servlet a thread-safe object ?
  455. What is ODBC ?
  456. What is JDBC ?
  457. Which protocol is used in type4 driver?
  458. How web server is connected with appliction server?
  459. What is a transaction?
  460. What is the purpose of setAutoCommit( )?
  461. What are the three statements in JDBC & differences between them?
  462. What is stored procedure. How do you create stored procedure ?
  463. What are batch updates?
  464. What is the difference between Resultset and Rowset?
  465. What are the steps for connecting to the database using JDBC?
  466. What new features are introduced in JDBC 4.0 ?
  467. What Class.forName() method will do ?
  468. What is the difference between JDBC 1.0 and JDBC 2.0?
  469. What are the two major components of JDBC?
  470. What is JDBC Driver interface?
  471. What are the common tasks of JDBC?
  472. What packages are used by JDBC?
  473. What are the flow statements of JDBC?
  474. What are the steps involved in establishing a connection?
  475. How can you load the JDBC drivers?
  476. What Class.forName will do while loading drivers?
  477. How can you make the connection?
  478. How can you create JDBC statements?
  479. How can you retrieve data from the ResultSet?
  480. What are the different types of Statements?
  481. How can you use PreparedStatement?
  482. How can we call a Stored Procedure from JDBC ?
  483. How to retrieve SQLWarnings ?
  484. How to Make Updates to Updatable Result Sets?
  485. What are the parameters used in Connection pooling?
  486. What is thin driver and thick driver.why it is called so?
  487. What are the steps to do connection pooling in weblogic?
  488. How do you configure data source in Tomcat ?
  489. How do you configure data source in WebLogic ?
  490. How do you configure data source in JBoss ?
  491. How do you configure data source in WebSphere ?
  492. When java.sql.Connection is an Interface not a java class then how can you create a connection object ?
  493. What is Flex ?
  494. What kind of applications you can create from Flex ?
  495. What is the output of Flex applications ?
  496. What development environment you need to create Flex applications ?
  497. Can you manipulate images using Flex programs ?
  498. Does Flex support creating workflow based applications ?
  499. What kind of data grids you can create through Flex applications ?
  500. How do you connect to a database via a Flex program ?
  501. Say i have a pure java based batch service which is taking 20 minutes to complete. I want the time to be reduced to 10 minutes. On a upper level, what will you look at in the code?
  502. What third party development tools are available to program in Flex ?
  503. Can you develop web based applications in Flex ?
  504. Is Flex OS specific or operating system independent ?
  505. Can we run Flex applications in MAC ?
  506. Do we need any plugins to run Flex applications ?
  507. Is it possible to make httpService Requests synchronous ?
  508. What is mean by loose coupling ?
  509. What kinds of extra benefits you are going to get with springs over its contemporary frameworks ?
  510. What do you understand by the term Dependency Injection (DI) ?
  511. What is mean by "dependency" in Spring ?
  512. What are the disadvantages of Spring Framework ?
  513. What are the disadvantages of Struts ?
  514. What are the advantages or Strength of Struts Framework ?
  515. How do you create custom tag libraries i.e your own tags in JSP ?
  516. What is a POJO ?
  517. How do i know how many users are currently active on my website ? or currently online and their location & max number of users when reached (a Record) ?
  518. If we define local style and global styles which one will have effect ?
  519. How do i know how many unique session objects are existing on my server ?
  520. How do you show the last logged in time or last account accessed time to a user in an online banking application ?
  521. what is the difference between fresh request and a postback ?
  522. How do you determine wheteher a request is fresh request or a postback ?
  523. How do you prevent double form submissions in JSP ?
  524. How do you prevent double form submission in Struts ?
  525. What is a persisted session ?
  526. What is a Scoped Variable in JSTL ?
  527. How do i precompile a JSP ? Why should i precompile a JSP ?
  528. When a NullPointerException is thrown ?
  529. When an IllegalArgumentException will be thrown ?
  530. What is the difference between request.getContextPath() request.getServletPath() request.getPathInfo();
  531. String qid = request.getParameter("QID"); here if qid is null ; if(qid!=null && !qid.equals("")) { } what is the out put ?
  532. How To Wait Before Redirecting To Another Page?Example is: If a user logs in failed because of invalid userid or password, I want display a message indicating the problem, wait about 30 seconds, then automatically redirect to login page again. or display some add for 30 seconds and then redirect request to the original page. What command or method should I use to wait 30 seconds ?
  533. Can you explain the difference between dbms and rdbms ?
  534. What does that r stands for in RDBMS or Why we call it relational dbms ?
  535. What is the difference between CC and BCC fields for sending mails ?
  536. How many number of lines of code you will write per a day?
  537. How much max amount of file you have uploaded until now?
  538. What is the structure of Spring framework ?
  539. Explain about RowCallbackHandler and why it is used ?
  540. How do you write data to backend in spring using JdbcTemplate ?
  541. How JDBC can be used more efficiently in spring framework ?
  542. What is the Exception class related to all the exceptions that are thrown in spring applications ?
  543. What kind of exceptions those spring DAO classes throw ?
  544. What is DataAccessException ?
  545. What is an Aspect ?
  546. What is a Jointpoint ?
  547. What is an Advice ?
  548. What is a Pointcut ?
  549. What is an Introduction in AOP ?
  550. What is a Target?
  551. What is a Proxy ?
  552. What is meant by Weaving ?
  553. What are Inner Beans ?
  554. What is bean wiring ?
  555. What are the important beans lifecycle methods ?
  556. What is the Core container module ?
  557. What is Application context module ?
  558. What is AOP module?
  559. What is JDBC abstraction and DAO module ?
  560. What are object relational mapping integration module?
  561. What is web module?
  562. What is MVC module?
  563. What is a BeanFactory ?
  564. What is AOP Alliance?
  565. What is Spring configuration file?
  566. What does a simple spring application contain?
  567. Explain about Spring ?
  568. What are the different modules in Spring framework ?
  569. What is XMLBeanFactory ?
  570. What are important ApplicationContext implementations in spring framework?
  571. Explain Bean lifecycle in Spring framework?
  572. How do add a bean in spring application ?
  573. What are singleton beans and how can you create prototype beans?
  574. How can you override beans default lifecycle methods ?
  575. What are the different types of bean injections?
  576. What is Auto wiring ?
  577. What are different types of Autowire types ?
  578. What are the different types of events related to Listeners in Spring?
  579. What are the different points where weaving can be applied ?
  580. What are the different advice types in spring ?
  581. What are the different types of AutoProxying ?
  582. How can you configure a bean to get DataSource from JNDI ?
  583. How can you create a DataSource connection pool ?
  584. How JdbcTemplate can be used?
  585. Explain about PreparedStatementCreator ?
  586. Explain about BatchPreparedStatementSetter ?
  587. What is singleton class ? where is it used ?
  588. What is mean by directory browsing ? How do you disable this feature in Tomcat ?
  589. What is the difference between HttpSession mySession=request.getSession(true) and HttpSession mySession=request.getSession(false) ?
  590. Can you exactly say where request.getSession(true) and request.getSession(false) methods are used with an example ?
  591. How do you implement website statistics or hit counter in your web application
  592. What kind of problems you will get with Back and Refresh buttons of the browser in your web applications ?
  593. What are the implicit objects in JSP ?
  594. How do you read Excel Sheets in your Java applications ?
  595. What are savepoints in a transaction ?
  596. Can you explain about Cursor ?
  597. How do the web container or application server know that it is a jar or war or ear file ?
  598. How many nested if statements are allowed in Java ?
  599. What is a manifest file ? What it contains ?
  600. How can you specify the lower and upper limits of the RAM used by the JVM ?
  601. What happens when the JVM needs more memory ?
  602. How does JAVA interact with databases?
  603. Can we interact with non-relational sources using JDBC ?
  604. Can you explain in depth the different sections in JDBC ?
  605. Can you explain in short how you go about using JDBC API in code ?
  606. How do you handle SQL exceptions ?
  607. If there is more than one exception in SQLException class how to go about displaying it ?
  608. Explain Type1, Type2, Type3 and Type4 drivers in JDBC ?
  609. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using JDBC-ODBC bridge driver?
  610. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Native-API/ Partially Java Driver?
  611. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Net-Protocol/ All-Java driver?
  612. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Native-protocol/ All-Java driver?
  613. Define meta-data?
  614. What is DatabaseMetaData?
  615. Can you explain “ConnectionFactory” class?
  616. I want to display tables of a database how do I do it?
  617. Define "ResultSetMetaData" ?
  618. Can “ResultSet” objects be serialized?
  619. Can you explain ResultSet, RowSet, CachedRowset, JdbcRowset and WebRowSet relationship ?
  620. what are the different types of resultset ?
  621. Explain the concept of PreparedStatement and statement interface ?
  622. What is the difference between Statement and PreparedStatement ?
  623. Can you explain “CallableStatement” interface in detail?
  624. How do you get a ResultSet object from stored procedure?
  625. How can we do batch updates using “CallableStatement” Interface?
  626. Define transactions?
  627. What is ACID in transaction ?
  628. What are the four essential properties of a transaction?
  629. Explain concurrency and locking?
  630. What are different types of locks?
  631. What are the different types of levels of resource on which locks can be placed?
  632. Define lock escalation?
  633. What is Table level and Row level locking?
  634. What are the problems that can occur if you do not implement locking properly?
  635. What are different transaction levels?
  636. what are different types of locks?
  637. What is difference between optimistic and pessimistic locking?
  638. What are deadlocks?
  639. How can we set transaction level through JDBC API?
  640. Can you explain transaction control in JDBC?
  641. What is JIT ( Just - in - Time ) Compilation?
  642. What is Object Oriented Programming?
  643. What is a Class in Java ?
  644. What is an Object in Java ?
  645. What’s the relation between Classes and Objects?
  646. What are different properties provided by Object-oriented systems?
  647. How do you implement inheritance in Java?
  648. What’s an interface and how will you go about implementing an interface?
  649. What are Abstract methods?
  650. What’s difference between Static and Non-Static fields of a class?
  651. What are inner classes and what’s the practical implementation of inner classes?
  652. What are packages?
  653. Can you explain transient and volatile modifiers?
  654. What is the use if “instanceof ” keyword?
  655. What are Native methods in Java?
  656. Explain in depth Garbage collector?
  657. How does the garbage collector determine that the object has to be marked for deletion?
  658. Can you explain “finalize()” method?
  659. How can we force the garbage collector to run?
  660. What’s the main difference between “Switch” and “If ” comparison?
  661. What’s the use of JAVAP tool?
  662. What are applets?
  663. In which package is the applet class located?
  664. What are native interfaces in Java?
  665. what are Class loader’s?
  666. what is Bootstrap, Extension and System Class loader?
  667. Can you explain the flow between bootstrap, extension and system class loader?
  668. Can you explain how can you practically do dynamic loading?
  669. How can you copy one array in to a different array?
  670. Can you explain the core collection interfaces?
  671. Can you explain in brief the collection classes which implement the collection interfaces?
  672. What’s the difference between standard JAVA array and ArrayList class?
  673. What’s the use of “ensureCapacity” in ArrayList class?
  674. How can we obtain an array from an ArrayList class?
  675. What is “LinkedList” class for?
  676. Can you explain HashSet class in collections?
  677. what is LinkedHashSet class?
  678. what is a TreeSet class?
  679. what’s the use of Comparator Interface?
  680. How can we access elements of a collection?
  681. What is Map and SortedMap Interface?
  682. Have you used any collection algorithm?
  683. Why do we use collections when we had traditional ways for collection?
  684. Can you name the legacy classes and interface for collections?
  685. What is Enumeration Interface?
  686. Are String object Immutable, Can you explain the concept?
  687. what is a StringBuffer class and how does it differs from String class?
  688. what is the difference between StringBuilder and StringBuffer class?
  689. what is Assertion?
  690. Can you explain the fundamentals of deep and shallow Cloning?
  691. How do we implement Shallow cloning?
  692. How do we implement deep cloning?
  693. What’s the impact of private constructor?
  694. What are the situations you will need a constructor to be private?
  695. Can you explain final modifier?
  696. What are static Initializers?
  697. If we have multiple static initializer blocks how is the sequence handled?
  698. Define casting? What are the different types of Casting?
  699. Can you explain Widening conversion and Narrowing conversion?
  700. Can we assign parent object to child objects?
  701. Define exceptions?
  702. Can you explain in short how JAVA exception handling works?
  703. Can you explain different exception types?
  704. Can we create our own exception class?
  705. What are chained exceptions?
  706. What is serialization?
  707. How do we implement serialization actually?
  708. What’s the use of Externalizable Interface?
  709. What is thread safety and synchronization?
  710. What is semaphore?
  711. What are monitors?
  712. What’s the importance of synchronized blocks?
  713. How do we create threads?
  714. what’s the difference in using runnable and extends in threads?
  715. Can you explain Thread.sleep?
  716. How to stop a thread?
  717. What is wait() and notify() ?
  718. Can you explain how Scheduling and Priority works in threads?
  719. Can you explain Yielding in threading?
  720. What are daemon threads?
  721. What are Servlets?
  722. What are advantages of servlets over CGI?
  723. How does a JSP handle runtime exceptions ?
  724. What are the two important API’s in for Servlets?
  725. Can you explain in detail “javax.servlet” package?
  726. What’s the use of ServletContext?
  727. How do we define an application level scope for servlet?
  728. What's the difference between GenericServlet and HttpServlet ?
  729. Can you explain in detail javax.servlet.http package?
  730. What’s the architecture of a Servlet package?
  731. Why is HTTP protocol called as a stateless protocol?
  732. What are the different ways we can maintain state between requests?
  733. What is URL rewriting?
  734. What are cookies?
  735. What are sessions in Servlets?
  736. What’s the difference between “doPost” and “doGet” methods?
  737. Which are the different ways you can communicate between servlets?
  738. What is functionality of “RequestDispatcher” object?
  739. How do we share data using “getServletContext ()”?
  740. Explain the concept of SSI?
  741. What are filters in JAVA?
  742. Can you explain in short how do you go about implementing filters using Apache Tomcat?
  743. Explain step by step of how to implement filters?
  744. what’s the difference between Authentication and authorization?
  745. Explain in brief the directory structure of a web application?
  746. Can you explain JSP page life cycle?
  747. What is EL?
  748. how does EL search for an attribute?
  749. What are the implicit EL objects in JSP?
  750. How can we disable EL?
  751. what is JSTL?
  752. Can you explain in short what the different types of JSTL tags are?
  753. How can we use beans in JSP?
  754. What are JSP directives?
  755. what are Page directives?
  756. what are include directives?
  757. Can you explain taglib directives?
  758. How does JSP engines instantiate tag handler classes instances?
  759. what’s the difference between JavaBeans and taglib directives?
  760. what are the different scopes an object can have in a JSP page?
  761. what are different Authentication Options available in servlets?
  762. Can you explain how do we practically implement security on a resource?
  763. How do we practically implement form based authentication?
  764. How do we authenticate using JDBC?
  765. Can you explain JDBCRealm?
  766. Can you explain how do you configure JNDIRealm?
  767. How did you implement caching in JSP?
  768. Can you explain the directory structure for a struts folder in brief ?
  769. Can you give an overview of how a struts application flows?
  770. What are action and action form classes in Struts?
  771. What is the difference between response.sendRedirect( ) and RequestDispatcher.forward( ) methods in Servlets ?
  772. Is there some sort of event that happens when a session object gets bound or unbound to the session ?
  773. What do the differing levels of bean storage (page, session, app) mean?
  774. Is it true that servlet containers service each request by creating a new thread? If that is true, how does a container handle a sudden dramatic surge in incoming requests without significant performance degradation?
  775. Can I just abort processing a JSP ?
  776. What is URL Encoding and URL Decoding ?
  777. Do objects stored in a HTTP Session need to be serializable? Or can it store any object?
  778. Is the JDBC-ODBC Bridge multi-threaded ?
  779. How do you prevent the Creation of a Session in a JSP Page and why?
  780. Is JSP technology extensible ?
  781. Is "abc" a primitive value?
  782. How can I prevent the word "null" from appearing in my HTML input text fields when I populate them with a resultset that has null values?
  783. What is HttpTunneling ?
  784. How many cookies can one set in the response object of the servlet ? Or, are there any restrictions on the size of the cookies ?
  785. What is the purpose of Marker Interface ?
  786. How can I set a cookie in JSP ?
  787. How can I delete a cookie with JSP ?
  788. How are Servlets and JSP Pages related ?
  789. What is Servlet Chaining ?
  790. What is Action Chaining in Struts ?
  791. Is it possible to call servlet with parameters in the URL ?
  792. What is Server - Side Include Servlets ( SSI ) ?
  793. How many ways can we track client and what are they ?
  794. Who is loading the init() method of servlet ?
  795. What are the different servers available for developing and deploying Servlets ?
  796. How do you pass data ( including JavaBeans ) to a JSP from a servlet ?
  797. What is the life cycle of a servlet ?
  798. What is the difference between procedural and object-oriented programs ?
  799. What is the difference between Assignment and Initialization ?
  800. What is an Object and how do you allocate memory to it ?
  801. What is the difference between constructor and method ?
  802. What is difference between cascade and inverse option in one to many mapping in hibernate ?
  803. What is mean by Starvation related to Multithreading in Java ?
  804. How to implement inheritance in hibernate application ?
  805. how to prevent refresh button submssion in spring ?
  806. What is the difference between hibernate and spring ?
  807. What is the difference between JDBC and ODBC?
  808. Does the JDBC-ODBC Bridge support multiple concurrent open statements per connection ?
  809. Why can not I invoke the ResultSet methods afterLast and beforeFirst when the method next works ?
  810. How can I retrieve a String or other object type without creating a new object each time ?
  811. There is a method getColumnCount in the JDBC API. Is there a similar method to find the number of rows in a result set ?
  812. I would like to download the JDBC-ODBC Bridge for the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition (formerly JDK 1.2). I am a beginner with the JDBC API, and I would like to start with the Bridge. How do I do it ?
  813. If I use the JDBC API, do I have to use ODBC underneath?
  814. Once I have the Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition, from Sun, what else do I need to connect to a database ?
  815. How can you Move the Cursor in Scrollable Result Sets ?
  816. What is the difference between TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE , and TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE in JDBC ?
  817. How to Make Updates to Updatable Result Sets?
  818. What Is an Interface ?
  819. What are the benefits of using Interfaces ?
  820. How many statements can we create with one database connection object ?
  821. How can you access data from multiple database servers say one database server in location one with Oracle and another server at location 2 with MySql ?
  822. What is a datasource related to JDBC
  823. Can I use the same variable name in two methods in java ?
  824. What is a Class in Java ?
  825. What is an object in Java ?
  826. What's the difference between a class and an object in Java ?
  827. What is the difference between a method header and its signature ?
  828. Can objects be used in place of arrays ?
  829. How can I call a constructor from a constructor ?
  830. How do I get the name of the operating system in Java ?
  831. What is a recursive method ?
  832. How do I get the domain name from a URL ?
  833. How do I get a domain name from an IP address ?
  834. Can I call a static method from an object reference ?
  835. How can I call static class members from a different class ?
  836. Is Java a fully object oriented language ? or Why we call java is not a pure object oriented language ?
  837. What is dynamic method dispatch ?
  838. What is the difference between static and dynamic polymorphism ?
  839. What are keywords and reserved words ?
  840. Is println overloading or overriding ?
  841. How do I find the size of an object in Java ?
  842. What part of memory is used for interfaces and abstract classes ?
  843. What is a factory method ?
  844. How do you create an immutable class ?
  845. What is a database URL?
  846. What is Metadata and why should I use it?
  847. What is the advantage of using a PreparedStatement?
  848. Can I make a change to the transaction isolation level in the midst of executing the transaction?
  849. At a glance, how does the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) work?
  850. How do I check what table-like database objects (table, view, temporary table, alias) are present in a particular database?
  851. How do I find all database stored procedures in a database?
  852. What properties should I supply to a database driver in order to connect to a database?
  853. I have the choice of manipulating database data using a byte[] or a java.sql.Blob. Which has best performance?
  854. I have the choice of manipulating database data using a String or a java.sql.Clob. Which has best performance?
  855. Do I need to commit after an INSERT call in JDBC or does JDBC do it automatically in the DB?
  856. How can I retrieve only the first n rows, second n rows of a database using a particular WHERE clause ? For example, if a SELECT typically returns a 1000 rows, how do first retrieve the 100 rows, then go back and retrieve the next 100 rows and so on ?
  857. What does ResultSet actually contain? Is it the actual data of the result or some links to databases? If it is the actual data then why can't we access it after connection is closed?
  858. What are SQL3 data types?
  859. How can I manage special characters (for example: " _ ' % ) when I execute an INSERT query? If I don't filter the quoting marks or the apostrophe, for example, the SQL string will cause an error.
  860. What is SQLJ and why would I want to use it instead of JDBC?
  861. How can I pool my database connections so I don't have to keep reconnecting to the database?
  862. Will a call to PreparedStatement.executeQuery() always close the ResultSet from the previous executeQuery()?
  863. How do I upload SQL3 BLOB & CLOB data to a database?
  864. What is the difference between client and server database cursors?
  865. Are prepared statements faster because they are compiled? if so, where and when are they compiled?
  866. Is it possible to connect to multiple databases simultaneously? Can one extract or update data from multiple databases with a single statement?
  867. Why do I get an UnsupportedOperationException?
  868. What advantage is there to using prepared statements if I am using connection pooling or closing the connection frequently to avoid resource or connection or cursor limitations?
  869. What is JDBC, anyhow ?
  870. Can I reuse a Statement or must I create a new one for each query?
  871. What is a three-tier architecture?
  872. What separates one tier from another in the context of n-tiered architecture?
  873. What areas should I focus on for the best performance in a JDBC application?
  874. How can I insert multiple rows into a database in a single transaction?
  875. How do I convert a java.sql.Timestamp to a java.util.Date?
  876. What is SQL?
  877. Is Class.forName(Drivername) the only way to load a driver? Can I instantiate the Driver and use the object of the driver?
  878. What's new in JDBC 3.0?
  879. Why do I get the message "No Suitable Driver"?
  880. When I create multiple Statements on my Connection, only the current Statement appears to be executed. What's the problem?
  881. Can a single thread open up mutliple connections simultaneously for the same database and for same table?
  882. Can I ensure that my app has the latest data?
  883. What does normalization mean for java.sql.Date and java.sql.Time?
  884. What's the best way, in terms of performance, to do multiple insert or update statements, a PreparedStatement or Batch Updates?
  885. What is JDO?
  886. What is the difference between setMaxRows(int) and SetFetchSize(int)? Can either reduce processing time?
  887. What is DML?
  888. What is DDL?
  889. How can I get information about foreign keys used in a table?
  890. How do I disallow NULL values in a table?
  891. What isolation level is used by the DBMS when inserting, updating and selecting rows from a database?
  892. How to avoid displaying null values from database tables in JSP pages ?
  893. If you close the data base connection then will all the resultsets and statements also closed ? will memory freed with this ?
  894. Can you tell me the code for implementing the connection pooling in WebLogic Server ?
  895. If i write session.setmaxinactiveinterval(0); then will the session be invalidated ?
  896. What is transient variable?
  897. How would you make a copy of an entire Java object with its state?
  898. Is Iterator a Class or Interface? What is its use?
  899. What is shallow copy in Java?
  900. How do you say that session beans are non persistent and entity beans are persistent ?
  901. You are planning to do an indexed search in a list of objects. Which of the Java collections should you use?
  902. How can a subclass call a method defined in a superclass?
  903. What are user defined Exceptions?
  904. Explain the new Features of JDBC 2.0 Core API?
  905. Can an inner class declared inside of a method access local variables of this method?
  906. What access level ensure that only classes from the same directory can access the class?
  907. Explain the different forms of Polymorphism.
  908. How do you know if an explicit object casting is needed ?
  909. what are the class variables or static variables?
  910. What is the difference between the instanceof and getclass?
  911. What's the difference between constructors and other methods?
  912. what is the use of Java package?
  913. What would you use to compare two String variables - the operator == or the method equals()?
  914. Does it matter in what order catch statements for FileNotFoundException and IOExceptipon are written ?
  915. What is the implication of using && with & in the following code:
  916. Which methods you need to override for implementing serializable interface ?
  917. If you're overriding the method equals () of an object, which other method you might also consider? Why?
  918. How can you minimize the need of garbage collection and make the memory use more effective?
  919. There are two classes: A and B. The class B need to inform a class A when some important event has happened. What Java technique would you use to implement it?
  920. Explain the garbage collection algorithms which the Java Virtual Machine uses ?
  921. What are the advantages of a framework ?
  922. How many scopes are defined for a form bean or ActionForm in Struts framework?
  923. How to display the form textfield border color in red if the validations of the Struts form is failed ?
  924. What is a Thread Pool ?
  925. What is a Thread Group ?
  926. How many different types of ways to use a Style Sheet in our Tags ?
  927. What is a Tracking Cookie ?
  928. What is the difference between RowSpan and CoulmnSpan attributes of HTML tags ?
  929. What is the difference between cellpadding and cellspacing of HTML table tag ?
  930. What is the difference between DIV and SPAN tags of HTML ?
  931. What is absolute path ?
  932. What is Relative Path ?
  933. What is Context path ?
  934. What is a URI ?
  935. What is the difference between a URL and a URI ?
  936. What is the difference between multitasking and multithreading ?
  937. The latest processors are having multiple cores. What do you understand by that term and how it is related to multithreading ?
  938. When the Server hardware consisting of 4 Quad Core 3 GHz processors and a multi tasking operating system, then why should we go for multi threading in Java ?
  939. What is the advantage of multithreading over multiprocessing ?
  940. What is the difference between multiprocessing and multi tasking ?
  941. If multiple threads share the same data and multiple processes don't share the data then what is the advantage for us ?
  942. What is the difference between Servlet technology and CGI Common Gateway Interface ?
  943. Can we create multiple struts configuration files in Struts web application ? If possible how to do that ?
  944. What is the disadvantage of implementing business logic in Action class in Struts ?
  945. Can you tell few real time multi threaded examples where we need to apply synchronization ?
  946. Java language does not have a sizeof() function like C++. Why ?
  947. Why are you using Class.forName() ? Why you are not importing that driver class file ?
  948. What is the difference between a Web server and an application server ?
  949. What are the main elements of JSP ?
  950. What do you understand by the term JSP translation phase or compilation phase ?
  951. How do you handle double form submissions and duplicate posts in Struts ?
  952. How to instantialte multiple instances of the Servlet ?
  953. What is the difference between an Object and a Thread in view of how they manage memory efficiently ?
  954. Can a sleeping thread be woken up by notify() method ?
  955. How do you comment the line of code inside Message file in Struts ?
  956. What is the difference between a pointer and a reference in java ?
  957. What is mean by aliasing ?
  958. If you have 2 forms inthe same page if one form show html errors, the other one also show the same error messages. Then how do you handle this kind of situation in Struts ?
  959. Is html:errors is a mandatory tag in struts ?
  960. How to remove all the special characters in a string ?
  961. How to change listbox contents when some content is changed for ex. if you change the country, the states list should be changed.
  962. How to create headings in a listbox ?
  963. How do you extend a menu or override a menu in struts tiles ?
  964. Why it called Struts?
  965. What configuration files are used in Struts?
  966. what is the difference between access specifiers and access modifiers
  967. Why String has been made immutable in Java?
  968. What is a memory leak ?
  969. How to find if your Java program contains Memory Leaks?
  970. How do you create user defined exceptions in Java ?
  971. What is the difference between FileWriter("SomeFile",false) and FileWriter("SomeFile",true) ?
  972. What is the output of value a in the following code ?
    int a = objInsertPstmt.executeUpdate();
    System.out.println(“a = ”+a);
  973. Will the disabled form fields be submitted to the actions?
  974. if you concat a string “abc” to a null string, what will be the output ?
  975. How to convert an array to an array list ?
  976. How do you generate a random number and a random string in java ?
  977. How do you display another new webpage when the user clicks on the link which is provided in one web page?
  978. What is the difference between String1.replaceAll ("","+") and String1.replaceAll (" ","+") ?
  979. What is the diff between array.length property and string.length() method Or Why there is no length property in String Class ?
  980. What is the difference between Array and List?
  981. Is Array a primitive data type?
  982. How do you add or initialize 1000 elements to an array list ?
  983. What are the advantages of java.util.Arrays class?
  984. How to sort list in reverse order?
  985. Can a null element added to a set ?
  986. Can we call the Thread.sleep in Synchyronozed block?
  987. what is meant by string pooling?
  988. Is main method(public static void main(String args[])low priority thread or high priority thread?
  989. Is Object class abstract or not?
  990. Why that Yield() method used in threads?
  991. How do you print the object memory reference code in java ?
  992. Nullpointer exception is a very common exception. Why is it not made as a checked exception?
  993. What are the different generator classes provided by hibernate to generate or increment primary key id ?
  994. How many levels of cache is maintained by hibernate. Explain ?
  995. What is mean by vertical inheritance ?
  996. What is mean by Database Dialect in hibernate and What is the use of that ?
  997. Explain about Hibernate Architecture ?
  998. Can you give one example for daemon thread ?
  999. Is there any exception like java.lang.CheckedException ?
  1000. How to Create a Marker Interface in Java ?
  1001. where we can use marker interface ?
  1002. In which situations a Developer can create a Marker Interface
  1003. Is MVC a design pattern or architecture ?
  1004. How do you change the default port number of Tomcat Server ?
  1005. Will hashtable allow null keys ?
  1006. Will hashtmap allow null keys ?
  1007. How many types of injections are there in Spring ?
  1008. Instead of using session-config tag of web.xml, how do you programatically change the default session timeout for your web application ?
  1009. Which is faster, a Hashtable or a Synchronized HashMap ?
  1010. What is Struts Chaining ?
  1011. What is a Request Processor class in struts ?
  1012. What is the difference between DispatchAction and LookUpDispatchAction classes in Struts ?
  1013. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Tiles framework ?
  1014. How do you join two threads, explain ?
  1015. Why Hashtable does not allow null as key and value ?
  1016. Explain various types of joins SQL ?
  1017. Can you give some examples for a checked exception ?
  1018. Explain about exception hierarchy in java ?
  1019. How can you send two parallel requests to two different web servers simultaneously ?
  1020. How to send data from one jsp to another jsp?
  1021. Explain the architecture of MVC ?
  1022. Explain the code for establishing a JDBC connection
  1023. What is a Java Bean ?
  1024. Explain Thread Life Cycle.
  1025. What is a Union in SQL. Give a real-time example ?
  1026. How do you manage sessions in JSP ?
  1027. Can we override constructors ?
  1028. What is the difference between importing a class and extending a class ?
  1029. Can we write finally block with out try catch blocks ?
  1030. What is System.exit(0) and System.exit(1). Is there any difference?
  1031. Explain about the architecture of JVM ?
  1032. How do you handle exceptions in JSP ?
  1033. Can you describe the directory Structure of your web application.
  1034. What is the purpose of web.xml?
  1035. What is a WAR file?
  1036. How do you manage a Controller Servlet?
  1037. How do you access a Servlet from a webpage or from a form ?
  1038. Have you used any JSP Tag Libraries?
  1039. When a NullPointerException occurred in Java?Give one example.
  1040. What is the output of the following code?
  1041. Why main() contains String[] as command line arguments? Why strings why not other types?
  1042. What is business delegation design pattern ?
  1043. What is Factory design pattern ?
  1044. What is VO Value Objects design pattern ?
  1045. How can you sort values of an array?
  1046. What is the purpose of volatile keyword in java ?
  1047. What is serialVersionUID ?
  1048. What are method overloading and overriding conditions?
  1049. What is a cross-join ?
  1050. How many maximum number of tables can be joined in a query ?
  1051. What is the default initial capacity of a HashMap, Hashtable and Vector?
  1052. Can we create a reference for an abstract class?
  1053. Why we cannot override _jspService() method in a JSP?
  1054. Can you override _jspInit() and _jspDestroy() methods in JSP?
  1055. Which Exception is thrown by the wait() method?
  1056. the wait() method is defined in which class?
  1057. The default value for char is?
  1058. Can we overload the main() method with out command-line arguments?
  1059. Can we call the main() method from another class?
  1060. Is Vector thread-safe?
  1061. Are wait(),notfy() and notifyAll() methods are synchronized?
  1062. What is the difference between notify and notifyAll methods?
  1063. Can we insert any thing into a string object?
  1064. What are the valid declarations of an Interface?
  1065. native a java keyword? If so what is the purpose?
  1066. Can a constructor return any values?
  1067. What happens if you decrement an interface variable?
  1068. What are the different types of InnerClasses in java?
  1069. Explain about java.lang.Math methods ceil(),floor(),round(),random() etc.
  1070. If we write Thread.start() two times what exception will be thrown?
  1071. Can we overload main() method in an interface declaration and implement that in another class and call the main() method?
  1072. When a thread sleeps will it keeps its locks or release?
  1073. When a thread waits will it keeps its locks or release?
  1074. Can we synchronize static methods?
  1075. Which of the methods of the Threads guarantee that a thread will leave the running state?
  1076. Why Interface method declarations should not be static and final?
  1077. What is mean by persistence in hibernate ?
  1078. How do you implement cacheing in hibernate application ?
  1079. How to improve or tune the performance of the hibernate application ?
  1080. What is lazy loading or lazy fetching in hibernate ?
  1081. What is optimistic locking in hibernate ?
  1082. What is pessimistic locking in hibernate ?
  1083. What is the purpose of session.evict() method in hibernate ?
  1084. What is the purpose of HibernateUtils class ?
  1085. What is Thread Local Design Pattern in hibernate ?
  1086. What is the difference between SAX and DOM parsers ?
  1087. If there is more than one exception in SQLException class how to go about displaying it?
  1088. What is DriverManager?
  1089. Which type of JDBC driver is the fastest one?
  1090. What is a rowset in JDBC ?
  1091. What is ORM?
  1092. What is the name of hibernate configuration file and where it is kept ?
  1093. What is the use of Session interface in hibernate?
  1094. What is the use of SessionFactory interface?
  1095. What are steps of database persistence in hibernate?
  1096. What is difference between load() and get() methods in hibernate?
  1097. How will you define a database driver name in hibernate configuration file?
  1098. What is named query in hibernate?
  1099. How to call a named query in hibernate?
  1100. How to write stored procedures in hibernate?
  1101. How to use Criteria API in hibernate?
  1102. What are the different important interfaces in servlets?
  1103. What is the difference between getSession(true) and getSession(false)?
  1104. What is the different ways you can communicate between servlets?
  1105. What is the difference ServletContext and ServletConfig
  1106. How can we share data using getServletContext()?
  1107. What are filters in Java?
  1108. Can we explicitly destroy a servlet object?
  1109. How the servlet is loaded?
  1110. How a Servlet is unloaded?
  1111. Why is HttpServlet declared abstract?
  1112. Can servlet have a constructor ?
  1113. What is difference between scriptlet and expression?
  1114. How does a servlet communicate with a JSP page?
  1115. What is jsp:forward tag for?
  1116. How can we use beans in JSP?
  1117. What are the different types of JSTL tags?
  1118. What are the implicit EL object in JSP?
  1119. What are different ways of achieving multi-threading?
  1120. What is difference between a thread and a process?
  1121. What is Spring framework?
  1122. What are the different module in Spring?
  1123. What is the name of spring configuration file?
  1124. What is the default path of spring configuration file ?
  1125. How to integrate your Struts with Spring?
  1126. How to integrate Spring with Hibernate ?
  1127. What are the different bean scopes in Spring?
  1128. What is AOP and How it is AOP used in Spring?
  1129. What are different type of Session beans?
  1130. What are the usage of different type of beans?
  1131. What are the limitation of Local objects?
  1132. What is Passivation and Activation in EJB?
  1133. Can beans involved in transaction have "passivation" process?
  1134. What format is used in writing conversational data in hard disk?
  1135. How does server decide which bean to activate and passivate?
  1136. What is the need of Remote and Home interface?
  1137. What are the usages of BMP and CMP?
  1138. What is clustering ?
  1139. Can Runtime.gc() be invoked in an EJB?
  1140. What are the features of the hibernate ?
  1141. Explain about ACID Properties of the transactions ?
  1142. Explain different transactional attributes in EJB ?
  1143. In Threads, one class and one interface are provided. Why both? If we have already one class what is the necessity of another interface?
  1144. Why cookies are not preferred?
  1145. Why 3 methods of Thread class are deprecated?
  1146. How many thread class methods are there. How many are static and how many are deprecated?
  1147. What is the difference between wait (), sleep () and suspend () methods?
  1148. What is the purpose of yield() and join() methods?
  1149. When IllegalThreadStateException occurs?
  1150. What is a Synchronized HashMap. How can you create a synchronized HashMap or a thread-safe HashMap?
  1151. How can you make a HashMap immutable?
  1152. How can you make a Collection immutable?
  1153. How can you sort elements of an ArrayList?
  1154. How can you get the max element of the ArrayList?
  1155. What is the difference between Object.toString() and String.toString() methods?
  1156. What is the difference between Observer and Observable interfaces?
  1157. What is an IdentityHashMap?
  1158. Can an abstract class be declared as final?
  1159. How many if statements or loops can be nested as per the java convention?
  1160. What is the purpose of LinkedHashSet?
  1161. How do you handle JSP Errors ?
  1162. How many types of JSP Errors are they ?
  1163. What are JSP translation time errors ?
  1164. What are JSP request time errors ?
  1165. Which type of JDBC driver is multi threaded ?
  1166. Which type of JDBC driver require an additional server ?
  1167. What are the disadvantages of type 4 JDBC driver ?
  1168. Which is the best order for using JDBC drivers ?
  1169. Can you explain about JDBC Driver Type Comparison ?
  1170. What is the difference between stored procedure and stored function in Oracle ?
  1171. What is the use if procedure does not have return type and function have return type.
  1172. Which are advantageous stored procedures or functions ?
  1173. Is Error a checked exception or not ?
  1174. What is mean by young generation in Java ?
  1175. How to create primary key using hibernate ?
  1176. Why do you need ORM tools like hibernate ?
  1177. How JPA and hibernate are related as per EJB 3 ?
  1178. What is the difference between Hibernate and EJB 2.1 ?
  1179. What is the main advantage of using hibernate ?
  1180. What is the main disadvantage of using hibernate ?
  1181. What is the difference between component and dynamic component in hibernate ?
  1182. Can i override a private method ?
  1183. Can a Abstract Class contain a private method ?
  1184. Can you put a private keyword for interface method specification ?
  1185. Can you explain the inheritance model of hibernate ?
  1186. How do you do object relational mapping configuration for Class B extends Class A in hibernate ?
  1187. How do you handle exceptions in Struts model classes ?
  1188. How do you handle exceptions in JSP ?
  1189. Is id element is compulsory in hibernate mapping file ?
  1190. If there is no primary key in the table will hibernate works well ? Then how to load that object ?
  1191. What is DML ?
  1192. What is the difference between Filter and Listener in J2EE ?
  1193. How many ways are there to create threads ?
  1194. How to create a thread using runnable interface ?
  1195. Why implementing Runnable interface is a better approach to create a thread in java ?
  1196. Which hibernate interfaces you have used in your project ?
  1197. How many types of queries are there in hibernate ?
  1198. What is Criteria Query in hibernate ?
  1199. Where the primitive data types are stored in Java ?
  1200. How many transaction isolation levels are defined in java.sql.Connection interface?
  1201. Can we directly access the private variable of super class in the sub class ?
  1202. Which is the default transaction isolation level in JDBC ?
  1203. What are destructors in java ?
  1204. Can a lock be acquired on a class ?
  1205. Can main method be declared as final ?
  1206. What will be the default values of all the elements of an array defined as an instance variable ?
  1207. Can a public class MyClass be defined in a source file named ?
  1208. Can a .java file contain more than one java classes ?
  1209. Is Empty .java file a valid source file ?
  1210. What is Service Locator design pattern ?
  1211. What is Session Facade design pattern ?
  1212. What is Data Access Object design pattern ?
  1213. Why are there no global variables in Java?
  1214. What are tag interfaces ?
  1215. How do you create a daemon thread in java ?
  1216. What type of threads are there in java ?
  1217. In unix and in windows, if we write file names capitals and small case are different or same ?
  1218. Does the order of public and static declaration matter in main() method?
  1219. How do you avoid client side memory leaks or java script memory leak ?
  1220. What is a native thread in java ?
  1221. How do you traverse through backward direction of the result set ?
  1222. What is a race around condition in multit hreading in java ?
  1223. What is the necessity of the synchronizing a HashMap using java.util.Collections.synchronizedCollection() instead of using a Hashtable ?
  1224. How many hibernate mapping files will be there in hibernate application ?
  1225. When do you prefer interfaces and when do you prefer abstract classes ?
  1226. Can we use the constructor, instead of init(), to initialize servlet ?
  1227. In the Servlet 2.4 specification SingleThreadModel has been deprecated, why ?
  1228. Is there a way I can set the inactivity lease period on a per-session basis ?
  1229. What is the difference between JSP include directive and jsp:include action tag ?
  1230. How does JSP handle runtime exceptions ?
  1231. The code in a finally clause will never fail to execute, right ?
  1232. What is the difference between Serializalble and Externalizable interface ?
  1233. At what situation you will go to implement your application as threads ?
  1234. How do you minify your css files?
  1235. What s the difference between queue and topic in JMS ?
  1236. What are Grid classes in the Bootstrap?
  1237. What is grid system in Bootstrap?
  1238. What are global styles that are used in Bootstrap Default Typography?